Our Dog Kennelling Facilities

Canine Cottages

When the Canine Country Club was established, we wanted kennelling that would be safe, secure and spacious. Therefore we chose the large gardens and then put up walling and fencing that is tall enough so that our guests can’t escape by trying to jump over, we also went one step further and buried the fence and wall, so that they can’t dig their way out. The enclosure is extremely strong which means that the dogs cannot chew through it.

We have limited our kennelling facilities so that we can give enough care and attention to each visitor and make sure that their stay is special and enjoyable.

We have 8 spacious boarding cottages with windows (high enough not to be reached by the dogs), letting in light and fresh air. They also have their very own gardens, so that families can stay together and have more than enough space to still have fun. This is also great for those dogs that just don’t like sharing their space with anyone else.

Each cottage is tiled and has under floor heating with a cooling area, just for those chilly winter days and nights. To complete each cottage are comfy stretcher beds to laze on and catch a few winks, alone or with a friend. These beds are extremely hygienic and won’t hold ticks or fleas. They are raised off the ground (+-15cm) so there is no lying on the floor, unless the dogs want to do so.


For summer we have paddle pools for those dogs that just love water, for those that don’t, we just remove the pools. There are also boomer balls which keep the dogs extremely active trying their very best to get the better of the ball. We have doggie jungle gyms so that they can see the world from a different height. There are numerous other activities that we do to keep the dogs stimulated and involved. This stops them getting bored and frustrated and then turning to their own activities for amusement. Also, because they can see out onto the 5 acres from each run, they get visual stimulation all the time which helps combat boredom and frustration. Additional to this are 2 extra runs for when they just need a change of scenery.


Our kennelling facility does not supply dog meals and request that you please provide such. This is so that we do not have to change your dog’s diet and let him get adjusted to a new food. It takes at least a week for a dog’s stomach to settle on his new food and there is no need to be upsetting his stomach with a change of food.

We feed your dogs the exact same way that you would at home (same times, wet or dry, with or without medication, or extras, etc.).


The boarding cottages are tiled and are cleaned with disinfectant to make sure that there are no germs or bacteria, this is done as soon as it has been noticed that a dog has fouled the area. The runs are cleaned 3 times a day. After each guests stay, the cottages are cleaned with high pressure hoses and disinfected once again to get them ready for when our next guest arrives.

We insist on all dogs being treated with tick & flea control as well as being de-wormed before checking into the kennels. This is for the protection of your dog as well as others that are being kennelled at the same time.

Although measures are taken against Kennel Cough, the prevention is not 100% reliable and there is a possibility that your dog might catch it. This is why we request that your dogs have their Kennel Cough injection/intranasal 2 weeks before checking in. This is the best deterrent and we try our utmost to prevent it.

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